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Two principles to uncovering the subconscious

Imagery and metaphors.

The brain thinks not in words but in images. When we want to express our opinions verbally, we make an effort to translate the images in our brain into words. This is why the first principle to uncover the hidden brain is through imagery. The second principle comprises metaphors, which act as a lens through which we view, interpret and record life. 

For this project FutureBright integrated data from ZMET discussions: this comprises a study of a collage of over 3,000 participants, 10,000 images, 800 metaphors used in everyday language and 150 deeper concepts. 

Turkey’s Subconscious Mindscapes of the Unconscious is a participatory art project that replaces the conventional artist with anonymous contributors, putting collaborative production at the heart of the artistic process.

               14 January - 8 February  2022                MAJI ART GALLERY                 ISTANBUL              14 January - 8 February   2022                MAJI ART GALLERY                 ISTANBUL

Turkey’s Subconscious Mindscapes of the Unconscious

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